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Our Story

Our Story

ABHCA was founded by Mark Korack with the hope of providing individuals in early recovery a way to stay on track and cultivate long term sobriety. It was Mark’s dream to build center that helps individuals after they’re discharged from residential treatment centers. Mark knows from personal experience just how hard getting and staying sober can be. He found that the most critical part of recovery is between 1-2 years of sobriety. Many people get released from a residential rehab program with little support and fall back into active addiction. Knowing this was a problem for many individuals, Mark created ABHCA to give individuals additional support and prevent relapse. ABHCA is dedicated to aftercare and sober housing, both of which are crucial after leaving an inpatient rehab. Our mission is to provide clients the support and tools they need to live a life of sobriety.

Getting Connected

Shortly after founding ABHCA, Mark created a program to help clients find a reliable support network and establish a foothold in the community. This program is called “Getting Connected” and focuses on cultivating relationships with other members of the 12-step community. In early recovery, support is crucial to success and this program helps clients find the support they need.

A Place to Call Home

ABHCA has a family atmosphere and our goal is to become home base for clients. We understand addiction, as most of us are recovered addicts ourselves. We do our best to provide clients the support they need while maintaining a safe and comfortable environment. Many of our clients have noted that having ABHCA as home base drastically increased the success of their recovery. Our team works with clients to guide and mentor them until they are stable. If you need a place to call home, give us a call and speak to an addiction treatment expert today.

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