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ABHCA is a continued care addiction treatment center focused on extended-care programs

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    Addiction Behavioral Health Center of America

    ABHCA is licensed by the Florida Department of Family Services. ABHCA offers an extended-care/after-care program designed to help individuals that have already successfully completed an in-patient or PHP addiction treatment program. Our clients attend between 3 to 5 clinical / therapy sessions per week.

    Intensive Outpatient Program

    This is a 60 to 90-day program providing between 9 and 15 hours per week of personalized treatment. This program allows clients to live unsupervised and travel to ABHCA’s clinical center. As a participant in this program, clients can take advantage of treatment options during any of our day, or evening programs. Depending upon each clients’ medical and clinical assessments, Intensive Outpatient may be recommended for individuals who do not require medically supervised detoxification, and have recently completed a residential inpatient program.

    Outpatient Program

    Outpatient program offers the perfect transitional program after completing our IOP program. As a participant, clients receive 1 day a week of Individual Therapy and an opportunity to participate in certain group activities. The program also provides a monthly medical follow up. Our outpatient program also provides ongoing support with things like getting a job, maintaining a place to live, eligibility for food stamps, tax help and other issues that are determined on an individual basis. Ultimately, this program provides each participating client with a roadmap to long term sobriety through a continuum of care and accountability.

    Sober Living Program

    Our monitored sober living residences have onsite managers providing 24-hour supervision, full property surveillance systems, curfews, room checks, and constant support staff. We pride ourselves on providing clients a warm and relaxing atmosphere that is indicative of recovery. Our residences have luxury kitchens, private bathrooms, and oversized bedrooms. ABHCA Sober Living program is designed to give you the peace you need during the transition between addiction and successful living. Mentors and coaches are at your disposal, so no matter what, you are not alone.

    Stabilization Program

    Our stabilization program is for individuals in recovery that may have had a minor setback or relapse. We provide an intensive 14-Day schedule combining individual and group therapy along with 12-step meetings and other recovery related activities that are based on the individual needs of the client. For many people a relapse can mean months or years of additional misery. Attacking the problem early can limit relapse to a single event. We have found that providing treatment and community during this critical time can dramatically increase chances of success.

    IOP Treatment



    Programs We Offer at ABHCA

    Aftercare Treatment

    There are many factors in having a successful aftercare program. At ABHCA, we feel the 3 most important components to a successful program and stable beginning in recovery are continued clinical therapy, monitored sober living, and getting connected in the community.

    “There’s still time to

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    The Connection Florida

    Our entire staff makes every effort to help our clients get connected, connected to support groups, connected to 12 step programs, and connected to Society. We accomplish this by mentoring our clients in their early days of recovery. We teach them 12 steps protocol, introduce them to 12 steps workshops, and prepare them to live on life’s terms. Our workshops are held on a weekly basis and are an addition to our clinical treatments.

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